Day 17Dragons for Christmas

Based off: The Dragon Prince – an EXO fanfiction on AFF by myself   Summary Luhan invites Yifan and the dragons over for Christmas   Artwork Credit: A Dragon’s Christmas –   Authors comments Dragons being crazy as Christmas and poor Luhan doesn’t quite know what to do with them all.   Story  … Continue reading Day 17Dragons for Christmas

Day 16 Winter Festival

Based off: Krov: Cubb – fairly new vampire book series   Summary Michael takes Jack on his first visit to a human village and Jack meets someone from his past who is elated to find him still alive   Artwork Credit: Время сказок и чудес… found   Authors comments Just a little something for… Continue reading Day 16 Winter Festival

Day 15 Vampires First Christmas

Based off: Sireling Series – offshoot of the Summoners series but set when Theo gets left behind and is turned into a Sireling Vampire in order to save his life.   Summary Neither Lionel or Theo know what Christmas is, Jesso and Tomin are there to explain though.   Artwork Credit: The festive Christmas Gifts… Continue reading Day 15 Vampires First Christmas