Day 24 I will Always protect You

Based off:

Volf Gold – upcoming release for 2017 (no I don’t yet know the date)



Tyra confirms what Dymas already knows


Artwork Credit:

Christmas Couple – found here


Authors comments

A little tease for the upcoming work


Minor warning: Mentions of sex and suggestive language but nothing outright actually happening. Boarderline PG-13/12a but just putting this here now to let you know.




Shivering slightly in the darkened room, Dymas tried his hardest not to give into the desperate urge to just face plant himself to the floor and allow himself to fall asleep. For one thing, the white haired young man thought that doing such a thing would be a very stupid move as it would mean that there would be an even larger pool of blood surrounding his entire body which would place him further on the brink of death and for another, the floor of the dungeon had never been particularly kept clean in the slightest so he did not want to being to even think of what potential creepy crawlies and other icky things could be lurking there. He had personally had more than enough close encounters with death to be able to wish the Grim Reaper a very pleasant ‘how do you do’ every time that he now saw him and there was no way that he wanted to do that anytime soon.


The only other though which was keeping him just on the verge of being awake, was that he could feel Tyra’s heartbeat. She was close by, moving to come and get him out of yet another nightmare situation that his mother had thrown in but still just a distance away. He knew that she would come regardless of any troubles and that the Grim Reaper would not be collecting him that night or any night soon. Dymas had realised long ago that there was something keeping him alive, regardless of the fact if he wanted to remain that way or not and it was never going to quite let him just curl up and give into the blackness. All Dymas knew about it though was that whatever it was, it lingered far within his soul and was far more terrible than anything than his blasted mother could put him through.


His eyelids were getting so heavy though, each breath burning harshly against the freezing air and making it next to impossible to think of anything that would normally keep him grounded. Dymas just wanted to sleep, the temptation to give in was growing ever stronger and black flecks filled his vision though the male volf wasn’t sure if they were actually his eyeballs closing down or if they were small black speckles which had managed to attach themselves to his amber coloured eyes. Pushing himself back upright, the volf shook his white head and hissed as the pain that coursed through him, “Stay awake, stay…” he chanted to himself in an attempt to keep on going but felt his body betraying him, “Tyra?”


As the volf’s world turned to complete darkness, exhaustion from blood loss after the horrific beating finally consuming him, Dymas thought that he felt a familiar pair of arms wrap themselves around his frame but he was unable to focus on anything further than that thought.


There was just a blackness for a long length of time that was immeasurable.


Then the sweet smell of mulled cider had Dymas’s nose twitching ever so slightly and painfully the amber eyes opened to reveal a small wooden room that basically encompassed everything from a living room, to a kitchen, dining room and bedroom in one. He knew that there was a small out house through a door to his right and a dug-out bath which had been set with slabs of rock that was usually freezing cold but a million times better than anything that could be found in the Manor. Not that Dymas actually liked to take a bath in the slightest, he hated the damn things with a passion that rivalled virtually anything else he hated but it was nice to know that it was there should he require it. Though a quick glance down towards his just covered with a blanket body was enough to tell him that he had been in the bath, been cleaned and had his wounds treated with a soft oil that did not sting or tear his wounds open further which was a good thing indeed.


Carefully he sniffed the air before shifting his stiff body around to look for the source of his comfort and could not help but smile as he found the lithe girl hunkered down in front of the fire, adding more logs and lumps of coal to it. For a second Dymas thought that maybe the spirit had gone completely insane as the smoke would easily bring the Gargoyles straight to their location but then he remembered that he had been left down in the dungeons for three days so it could be that they were not even bothering to come and look for him this time. Or maybe for a little bit, now that the amber eyes caught sight of some of the bits of trees and ivy which had been brought in to attempt to make the place look at least a little bit more Christmassy.


Dymas did not hold much with the celebration, there never really had been anything to celebrate for him and his twin until Tyra had come into his life to save him – even if initially it had been for dubious reasons. Lightly he smiled as he watched the figure of his beloved carefully working over the fire to bring forth more light and heat to the small little summer house and felt his heart beating just a little bit faster. Tyra was the one beautiful thing in the male volf’s life that had no comparison anywhere. She was a spirit who remained tall, slim of build with an athletic frame that hid her true strength and power perfectly. She had long bright blond hair that tended to do its own thing, sometimes it was smooth and straight, other times it was wild and untameable but right now it was wavy and cascaded down her back as if to hide the extra pale skin and highlight her amazing electric blue eyes.


Dymas was not in the least bit surprised to note that Tyra was basically dressed in a pair of shorts and a skimpy top that barely hid anything from the harshness of the nightly chill but all things considered it was probably better that she was dressed like that. Quietly he tried to push himself up, hoping not to alert the girl of his awakened state but a cheeky little smirk crossed the spirits face as she shook her head. “You can try to trick me all you want, my Prince, but it’d not going to work in the slightest,” Tyra teased towards him, flinging the last little bit of wood onto the fire before instantly moving across to the volf and straddling him with a practiced ease.


She smiled down at her white-haired lover, tugging lightly on his velvety black ears with just enough pressure to pleasure before shaking her head at him, “Do you really think that you should be even considering what you’re thinking of doing to me?”


To emphasise her point, Tyra ground down on the clearly awakening bulge that was forming down on her lover’s body, “You’ve lost an awful lot of blood very recently and…”


Dymas silenced her by reaching his hands up to her hips to pull her body down properly, barely noticing the thin wire that wound around the spirits torso in testament to a promise she had sworn to fulfil many centuries ago that cut lightly into his palms. His lips hungrily devoured hers, seeking their unique taste as if it were the most magical healing property in the entire world. As far as the male Volf was concerned, Tyra’s lips practically where and right at that second, he wanted nothing more than to have them all over his own lips and then all over his body.


He pulled away after a moment or so in desperate need for air and looked up towards Tyra with so much love in his eyes that it was nearly heart-breaking for the spirit to observe, “If I ever stop wanting you, Tyra, the darkness that lives within me will have taken over.”


Tyra sighed and tried not to smile, “There is no darkness in your soul, Dymas.” Gently she leaned over the figure, unable to stop the smile spreading across her face as the blanket which separated them was removed and slightly stiffened hands fumbled with her own remains of clothing. “I stole it all years ago, and left you with nothing but light.”


Dymas shook his head, letting out a satisfied hum as their bodies connected in touch for now, “No. I’m not light. I’m the darkness, she is the light…that is the way that it has always been.”


About to try and argue the opposite factor, Tyra instead sighed and shook her head, “Whatever. Just shut up and let me give you a Christmas Present that I’m more than positive that you’ll enjoy so much that the entire valley will be able to hear you.”


The male volf sent the spirit a quizzical look before relaxing his body down. He had complete trust in Tyra and knew that she would give him pleasure and nothing else. It was hard to explain how they worked, everyone said that they were just like a couple of horny teenagers but both knew that it went much deeper than that. Still Dymas halted Tyra’s movements for a second, “What am I supposed to give you in return though?”


“Idiot,” Tyra said playfully, smacking his hands away before arranging them to hold onto the pillow that was resting under his head, “You already gave me it, a long time ago and it’ll never fade.”


Dymas blinked, “But I should give you something…”


“One day you can,” Tyra said, smiling knowingly, “But not now. Right now, I need to my job to the best of my abilities and I know how to do them well. I’ll always be here Dymas, as long as you love me you have given me a gift like no other.”


The volf blinked up at the spirit, gulping in nerves before giving in to smouldering eyes and letting Tyra lead. He knew that they both shared a gift that could not be taken from them or returned. It was given equally between them and no matter how dark the outlook became, their love would stand strong through every trial that would be thrown at them.


Though there were reports that their passionate love making was heard in the township several miles away from the Manor.


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