Day 23 Christmas Snuggles

Based off:

Volf Silver – my second published book ^^



Ekata and Fiero are being cute and cuddly on Christmas


Artwork Credit:

Christmas Couple by MorganeL –


Authors comments

Sometime a little cute, may need a sick bucket cause this is soppy but sweet




Slowly opening her eyes, Ekata blinked repeatedly and for a second felt a flutter of panic rush through her heart and mind as she did not quite recognise where she was. This room was far larger than the one she had been in before and certainly much more personalised as well. There were trinkets, knickknacks and a few photographs scattered about in key locations and a distinct smell of dust that had only just recently been cleaned away. The sheets were pleasantly worn out, having survived many long nights it appeared but they were not scratchy or ragged. It was possible that they needed changing sometime soon but the thought of doing so was not too appealing at the moment.


Especially with the almost heavenly scent that linger on them. A naturally musky male scent that reminded Ekata of the distant forests where heather had grown in abundance only to give way to snow drops and blue bells at the turn of the seasons. A place where for a time she had been safe and happy, without too much to worry her or cause concern. Her ears flicked slightly as warm breath ghosted over them and the mattress dipped a little as a figure returned to wrap his arms tightly around her in a protective way that was more welcomed than Ekata had ever thought it would.


“Sorry,” Fiero mumbled sleepily, “Didn’t want to disturb you.”


His deep voice was filled with slumber though there was just enough of an excited edge to it that brought a natural smile to Ekata’s lips as she rolled herself over to face her mate with a gentle smile. “It’s fine,” she barely whispered to the other, her pale cheeks flushing just a little, “I normally don’t sleep for long.”


A cheeky smirk was her reply, “Unless you’re knocked out of course.”


Tutting in annoyance, Ekata playfully swatted at her mate, “Had to go and ruin the mood, didn’t you?”


“I know how to bring it back,” Fiero managed to yawn before pulling the smaller Volf closer to his body and lightly placing his lips on hers in a teasing, chaste kiss that lasted virtually all of a second before he pulled away. Almost immediately Ekata was chasing him back and swiftly the soft, gentle, sweet kisses turned into passionate ones filled with gentle explorations of tongue and teeth that did not scrape too hard or leave bruises that were too painful to recall. Fiero found himself shifted onto his back, Ekata situating herself on top of his body which was almost a surprise in itself but he wasn’t going to complain in the slightest.


Especially when he could roam his large hands down her back, which was still just covered by the bed sheets which he really did have to seriously consider changing sometime soon, to gently tease at her waist before pulling back from the kiss with a contented smile. He chuckled at the lost expression from Ekata and lightly nipped at the end of her nose, “Whilst I would love to go further, better not today.”


“Why?” Ekata frowned towards him, settling her chin down onto his collarbones with a glinting look in her amber coloured eyes that was incredibly hard to ignore.


Fiero forced himself to do so though, knowing that it would just lead to way too many complications and that there were some things that he wanted to keep as precious memories for himself. Not have them be changed into embarrassing tales that got told around the table at family gatherings for the rest of his life. Gently he smiled towards his mate, nuzzling against her nose, cheek and placed teasingly light kisses on her throat, “Cause the cubs will soon be running around like crazy and they’ll be dragging us out of bed.”


Ekata blinked, “Huh?”


It was Fiero’s turn to blink as he pulled back from the delicious skin that was on display to rest his head against the pillow and raise an eyebrow up in concern towards the other, “You do know what today is right?”


For a second or two Ekata paused and then shook her head, her ears flicked cutely from side to side as they always did when she was confused or did not understand what was going on in the slightest.


Holding back a sigh because he really should have figured that there would be something like this, Fiero managed to push himself up into a sitting position whilst maintaining his hold safely on his mate so that she did not fall or potentially hurt herself. Though he already knew that it would take a lot to physically hurt his most precious mate but Fiero would never willingly dare to try. He could not stand the thought of such a thing in the slightest and he knew that he was going to be forever teased about it but he figured that everyone felt like this towards their true mate.


Once he was confident that he had Ekata safely situated on his lap, with no naughty bits of his body touching any bits of hers as there were at least two blankets separating that particular precious skin ship contact, Fiero gently reached a hand to brush along the side of Ekata’s cheek and then through her messy hair, pausing to gently scratch at her white wolf ears because as much as the girl claimed it annoyed her when someone did that, Fiero knew better.


Ekata let out a contented little hum at the action and leaned closer, enjoying the attention far more than she would ever show in public which was something else that Fiero tucked away in the back of his head for their own future private moments. “What is today?” Ekata practically purred towards her mate as she settled against his toned chest, half unaware that her hands were gently stroking down the others front in a manner that could have potentially been arousing if Fiero had been really in the wrong frame of mind.


However, getting to pamper his mate was something he preferred a whole lot more right now and all thoughts of naughty stuff were a million miles out of his head. He smiled lovingly towards Ekata, continuing to gently scratch at her ear as he spoke, “Today is Christmas, Ekata.”


For a few seconds Ekata was silent, clearly processing this thought before tilting her head up towards Fiero, “Christmas?”


“Yes,” Fiero said softly, “I’m guessing that this is your first one for a very long time?”


Lapsing into silence as she thought about it, the female volf tried to recall if she had ever heard the term Christmas. She knew fine well that her Mother would have never dared to do anything with it, or at least if she did then it would be something that was done only with her favourites and everyone else would be left well enough alone. Father Tuxbury may have done something along the lines of Christmas but her memories of those times were vague at best as she had been really far too young to understand what was going on. There was some dimly lit memory right in the back of her mind that made her think of a deserted snow filled park in the middle of some high mountain pass where she may have met some people but it was so faint that she couldn’t even decide if it were a real memory or not.


Slowly she inhaled a breath, “I don’t even know if I’ve ever had one…what is it?”


Fiero almost felt like yelling at someone for depriving Ekata of such a special day but thankfully he managed to keep himself in check and mentally reminded himself that his mate had not had any sort of real upbringing that would warrant spending a nice day with the family around the fire, sharing in the sheer joy of company and exchanging presents. He explained this to Ekata as gently as he could, continuing to scratch at her ears in order to keep her calm and happy. Strangely his mate was quiet throughout the explanation, seeming to just absorb it all in and digest it in her own way. Once he had finished, he took a look at her face and felt his own confusion growing. “You’re taking this very well, my love?” Fiero asked softly, hoping that he had not offended Ekata in anyway.


Ekata however just smiled brightly back at him, “I know, I’ve just begun to understand what your aunty and sisters meant by all the silly little things I was helping out with.”


“Huh?” now it was Fiero’s turn to be completely confused.


A small giggling laugh was his reply, “I helped with the baking, made little card things with the cubs and even helped bring home that large tree. Everyone kept saying they would count it as my present to them which I didn’t understand but now I do.”


“Aww,” Fiero smiled and then snuggled closer to Ekata, “That’s good to know.”


“What do you want as a present from me, Fiero?” Ekata asked, her tone almost childlike which was completely adorable.


Fiero blinked and shook his head, “I don’t need anything from you, my love. Just having you here by my side is more than enough.”


Ekata blinked and shook her head, “I know that already but I should give you something more.”


“Believe me, soon you will do,” Fiero said in reply, his hand gracing down to her stomach which was still thankfully flat but he could just smell the first whiffs of pregnancy on her, “I couldn’t ask for anything more.”


“You’re too sweet,” Ekata said, nuzzling into Fiero’s neck, “All I want is you too.”


Unable to hide his chuckle at the absolute cliché cuteness that his mate had just uttered towards him, Fiero bundled Ekata up into his arms more tightly and rolled them both back onto their sides so that he could place hundreds of kisses upon her lips, face and body which she returned whole heartedly. Fiero doubted that he would ever wake up to a better Christmas present than this and that thought was scurried away into his head to be treasured along with every other precious memory he carried of his mate.


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