Day 22 Finding the Christmas Secret

Based off:

Harry Potter Original Character Fanfiction



Esme is determined to find out what Desta is hiding


Artwork Credit:

Christmas Events at Hogwarts –


Authors comments

A cute little story to get me started on this work for next year




Trying her best to keep as close to the shadows as she can, Esme is almost one hundred per cent positive that Desta Graham has no clue to her presence. She has been determined to find out what it is that the strange Hufflepuff girl does on her nightly escapades out of the common rooms for years now but until she was made a Prefect it was impossible for Esme to find out anything. Well granted she could have actually just followed Desta at any time and probably been totally fine but Esme was trying her best to not get into any form of trouble. Or at least not trouble that would cause her problems as that would be bad.


However, when she had received her Prefect Badge in the post over the summer, she had practically whooped for joy because she now had a perfect excuse to track down Desta and find out what the hell the girl did. It had to be something bad for her to be going out every single night, though Esme was still confused by that because Desta never seemed to be tired except for one occasion when she had been seen rushing out to Hagrid’s hut in the morning and barely made it to classes on time. Esme had remembered seeing the Scottish African girl in the same uniform as she had been the previous day but it was somehow covered completely in muck and dirt, plus there was straw sticking out of her black hair and it had not been crafted into its usual pretty braid.


Esme had desperately wanted to grab hold of Desta that morning and drag her to the bathrooms in order to just get her looking pretty once again because it was distracting having to look at a ragged and ugly Desta. Granted Desta was distracting at the best of times for Esme, even though the young Slytherin could not figure out for the life of her as to why but just somehow seeing the girl looking as though she had been dragged through a hedge backwards had made her pout and be obnoxious for the rest of the day. Desta herself had even noted the change in the girl and had tried to talk to her, only to have her head snapped off about looking ugly.


Not the best day of her life, even Esme admitted as it had torn her in two to see the very secret object of her affections crumple under the weight of the words directed towards her.


Though naturally the next day Desta was back to her usual obnoxious ways and Esme just opted to keep an eye on her out of nothing more than concern. Though she did happen to notice that Desta made far more of an attempt with her appearance which was nice but looked forced.


Shaking those thoughts away from her head, Esme refocused on her task and caught back up to Desta who had slipped into one of the classrooms momentarily and was sharing a whispered conversation presumably with another student. Before the door could be reached though by the sneaking girl, Desta came out carrying a large sack with a happy call back to the other occupant of the room and started literally skipping down the corridor as if nothing were out of the ordinary with this situation.


It would have been very tempting to just stick her head into the classroom in order to find out just who it was that Desta was in cahoots with but the Prefect opted instead to follow Desta because she had to find out what the other was doing. It just wouldn’t be right for her to lose the main target after all of this hard work. Desta moved quickly down corridors, stepping through hidden alleys and seemed to know exactly where it was that she had to go. Finally, the tall girl came to a stop next to a suit of armour and lightly she set the bag down before smiling up towards the metal form.


“Evening General Gutenberg. Sizzling Sausages are on the campfire,” she said brightly, saluting the armour.


For a few seconds, everything was quiet and then the armour bowed its head and stepped aside to reveal a hidden door. Desta smiled, bent down and carefully picked up the bag before turning to look exactly where Esme was, “You coming?”


Esme jumped in shock, she was so sure that she had not made a sound when following Desta and the girl was smiling at her now, “What? I mean…you…”


“Esme, I haven’t got all night,” Desta said, kicking open the door which immediately brought on a smell of hay and feathers, “Come on, I’ll explain everything once we’re inside.”


Unable to process anything in the slightest, Esme did what she was told and swiftly found herself in what could be best described as a sort of very large barn with several different stalls that held a variety of different beasts who all seemed to be curiously poking their heads out to see just who had arrived tonight. Esme blinked in complete surprise and turned to confront Desta about the whole situation only to find that the girl had stepped impossibly close and placed her lips firmly onto hers in a kiss that was passionate.


Desta pulled back with a smile and then giggled, “Oopse, sorry, forgot. Memorium repairum!”


Flicking her fingers towards Esme’s head, the Slytherin prefect jumped in shock for a few seconds before blinking rapidly and then sending a glare towards her long-term girlfriend, “Desta! Don’t do that to me!”


“What? Desta asked in that cute manner of hers, “It’s far more fun having you chase around trying to figure out what I’m up to.”


“You’re so not being fair,” Esme pouted, folding her arms, “Why am I the one who has to forget all the time?”


“You know why,” Desta said with a soft smile before grabbing the girl and hauling her close, “Can’t have little miss perfect prefect getting herself into all sorts of trouble with the school and family now can we?”


Esme glared and then pulled Desta as close as she could, “You are so annoying when you’re right, you know that?”


“Yup,” Desta said before reclaiming Esme’s lips and feeling far happier to feel the passionate return of the kiss before pulling back. She winked at the girl who was still pouting, “Come on, we can do more of that later. Right now, we best get these guys fed and then start putting up the Christmas Decorations as well.”


Letting out a knowing sigh, Esme knew that she would be lucky to just steal a few kisses more of Desta tonight because she did enjoy looking after her creatures far too much. Esme had no idea as to how Desta had come to acquire the different animals or how on earth they even managed to make it undetected into and out of Hogwarts grounds – though it was probable that Hagrid was involved – but her girlfriend was indeed devoted to raising these wonderful creatures and making sure that they would all grow healthy and strong. Whilst the idea of owning a park for magical creatures would have been a little farfetched to some, Esme had come to like the idea very much and knew that once Desta set her mind to something then nothing could be done to change it.


Though she was really looking forward to the day when Desta would not have to use the memory suppressant charm on her so that she would not go and blurt out all the information to someone else that wasn’t supposed to know.


The evening was spent mucking out, cleaning the cute creatures and giving them treats before setting up some Christmas Decorations which would undoubtedly be eaten at some point but it was all part of the charm of the whole situation.


Esme finally collapsed into a bundle of clean hay with an exhausted sigh, “I do not know how I’m going to stay awake during Arrthmany tomorrow.”


“It’s a good thing I know well enough,” Desta said, flopping down virtually on top of the girl and smiling brightly at her, “Are you staying at Hogwarts this year for Christmas?”


Esme pouted and shook her head, idly petting a baby Wombul who came snuffling closer, “No. Mother wants me home so that I can play babysitter for the brats. I was really looking forward to watching the dragon eggs hatching as well.”


“Who knows, they may hold out until you get back since I’m pretty sure they already see you as their mother,” Desta smiled, though there was a touch of sadness there.


Esme sighed, “You are supposed to get annoyed with me going home, you know, that, right?”


“Yeah but I’m just looking forward to next year when we can have the whole year together,” Desta replied, “Then we can surprise your parents by announcing our intention to live together and confirm we have the house.”


Esme couldn’t help but smile, wrapping her hands tightly around Desta’s middle, “Shall we do it at Christmas and then I can have an excuse to really avoid the fallout from that?”


“Sure,” Desta replied, grinning brightly, “Then we can have our first Christmas together and that will just be awesome.”


“You do need to remember to study though, Desta,” Esme said, “Even though my parents will freak out about us and the plans, it would be a kind of cool factor if you could pass your exams.”


Desta frowned towards Esme, “I think that Memory Charm is going to have to stop being used on you. Esme I’m the top Hufflepuff girl for god’s sake, we’re going to have zero trouble in that department.”


Esme blinked, “Then why aren’t you a Prefect?”


“Because Hagrid and Magonalle don’t want to give over the task of looking after these guys to anyone else,” Desta replied, lightly flicking a glowing butterfly away, “I’m just going to have to make you remember everything, today aren’t I?”


Before Esme could reply, she found Desta’s lips on hers again and opted to not respond any further. This was far more fun and encouraging in her opinion and definitely worth the wait. Next Christmas was sure to be one that would change everything but she was seriously looking forward to it now and could not wait to spend every Christmas, rolling about in the hay with her beloved.



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