Day 21 A Day Off from the Dust Bunnies

Based off:

Dark Maid Sehseh – a new miniseries for 2017



Sehseh gets a day off and does the only thing that she likes to do that’s not taking out the naughty dust bunnies. She goes to help at a cat and dog shelter


Artwork Credit:

Cat Dog in Santa Hat 1 Card Envelope Image Arts Christmas –


Authors comments

A bit of cuteness from a psychopathic killer maid




It usually came as a surprise to most the Sehseh did not partake in the notion of Christmas. It did not even seem to register in her subconscious whereas other battle maids and butlers were known to get rather excited about the prospect of a few days off. Sehseh however seemed to regard it as nothing more than just another series of tasks that she had to complete in order to complete her duties. Even though she helped her Master to decorate the house, made an instant processor meal which could be put out at the press of a button, wrapped up presents and set out cookies and milk, Sehseh never really registered the importance of the day. It was just another day with a few extra sparkly bits attached to it and she just continued on as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

Her Master had tried only once to have her actually be involved with Christmas and it had resulted in her having a full nightmare break down which took three weeks to eraze from her memories so that she could operate back at her usual levels.


So ever since, her Master merely gave her the days off but since Sehseh did not really know what to do with herself on her days off – as any potential targets would be hidden away in their homes which were triple securitied and Kitty was not available to deactivate the security systems as she tended to disappear off the face of the earth at this time of year – the first year she had the time off she had just wandered aimlessly until Alvin had turned up with a broacher for a local cat and dog shelter that was looking for volunteers.


Sehseh had jumped at the opportunity because she loved looking after the small, cute fluffy things along with their older, softer and squidgier counterparts so it was as good an excuse as anything to indulge. After her first day at the place, the owners had practically begged her to stay and taking things a little too seriously, she made up a bed in a spare cage and slept there until it was time to go back to her usual work. However the owners could not believe their luck and were more than happy to accomondate the girl. Her Master was also pleased because it meant that she had a nice safe place to go to should anything wrong. Not that he expected it of course but it was a very nice thought to have. Whilst he wanted everything in the plan to go smoothly and right, having a back up option was a really good idea.


Stretching as she woke up, Sehseh smiled as the smell of dogs and cats hit her and she pulled herself out of bed. For once she did not don her usual maid attire, having found that it was rather cumbersome when trying to deal with Mittens and Spot so she had found an pair of dark blue joggers with a bright pink polo shirt that did the job just fine. As well as trainers and a nice hair tie to keep her brown hair out of her face.


Once sorted, headed out of her own cage which even had her name on the little chalkboard plaque and headed down the rows to start getting the food ready. Almost immediately there were a clamour of barks and Sehseh smiled, “Good morning Spot, are you happy to see me. Hello Spot, you got a nice new bone! Oh stop howling Spot! I’ll have your breakfast ready soon. Oh Spot, are you going to have your mini Spot’s today? That would be really good because there will be a queue of people wanting to come and see them. Shush Spot, I’ll give you a pet in a second. Oh Spot! Be careful, you don’t want to fall over now do you?”


Sehseh continued down the rows of cages, greeting every single last dog with the name ‘Spot’ because as far as she was concerned, dogs should be called Spot and that was the end of the matter.


She got out of the corridor and headed to the kitchen pulling down all fifty dog bowls that had a childish scrawl of ‘Spot’ written on them before beginning what many would call the annoying task of opening all the tins that held the dog food to put in the bowls. Sehseh quite enjoyed opening tins of dog food, it kept her wrists supple and was good pressure practice because there were times when you needed to be preciuse with the application of pressure. After all there was a difference between cleaning a glass and smashing a skull.


Once all the Spot bowls were filled, Sehseh made her way back to the cages to give each and every last Spot a bowl of food and a series of pets which made her smile. The dogs all loved her attention anyway and it made her feel just a little bit better.


She gave the expectant Mammy Spot a few extra pieces and smiled, “You have to be good to your Mini Spots when they arrive, Mammy Spot! I’m sure they’re going to be just as cute as you!”


With that done, Sehseh proceeded to do a quick head count and then set off to sort out the Mitten’s side of things. The cats could be a little less responsive and were no where near as loud as the dogs were but Sehseh still loved them to pieces. “Here Mittens! Shall I give you some fishy? Ohhh Mittens, how did you get yourself all tangled up in the wool like that? Hi Mittens, you’re new, don’t be scared, I don’t bite. Ow! Mittens that was naughty! No scratching me. I was just moving you so I can help. Do you want your ball Mittens? There go you. Aww look at you mini Mittens, you’re growing up so big and strong! You’ll be a boss cat before long.”


She continued on like this until she had checked all of them, even the really grumpy fat one who would not ordain to even acknowledge her presence in the slightest. Once satisfied, she once again went and fetched the bowls from the kitchen, all of which had the word ‘Mitten’ written on it in the same childish scrawl before heading back to put down the food. It was easier with the cats, the tuna arrived in a big tin which had a little ring pull and was opened in a matter of seconds so it made life just a bit quicker. Then it was just scoop the fish into the bowls and all was done.


Sehseh spent the rest of the morning cleaning up the bowls, making sure they were all empty and washed, sweeping the large exercise yard and detangling the leaders which had somehow managed to get themselves all tangled up once again. She then dug into her box of toys and played with the cats for half an hour before helping to allocate the volunteer dog walkers who turned up to the most approaite dog and saw them off. Those dogs who did not have anyone to walk, Sehseh would walk and give them lots of love and attention before having a full on tug of war fight with around five younger dogs who needed the exercise.


Once she got all the Spots back inside, Sehseh headed back to play with the cats and kittens, untangling them from the balls of wool which she had strewn about for them to play with and resulting in herself getting tangled up in them at the same time. Once she was out of that little lot, she headed back to the kitchens to get everyone’s supper sorted and then fed them all. She was happy to learn that Mammy Spot had given birth to five cute little Spots and she praised the Mammy dog with lots of loving pets.


Making her way back to the front desk, Sehseh was happy to learn that five Spots and three Mitten’s had been adopted and she waved them off happily, hoping that they were all going to good homes. Though the owners knew that Sehseh could take one look at a potential owner and tell them instantly if there was anything that could potentially be wrong with them.


A quick sweep and tidy up sorted out the rest of the days tasks and as the clocks began to strike half past nine, Sehseh made her customary checks around the Mitten’s to ensure that they were all snuggled up fine and were not having a fight for the blankets and gave each and everyone one a kiss. Even the grumpy fat one who would hiss at her got a kiss after a firm tap on the head.

With the Mitten’s all sorted out, Sehseh went to check that all of the Spots were perfectly fine and all sorted out as well. Generally this was an easier task seeing as each one had their own bedroom and bed so she just had to go and check that they were all fine. Smiling at each one, she tucked them in, gave them a kiss and made sure that they had everything they needed.


Sehseh then went to the front desk to say goodbye to the staff and locked up everything nice and tight though no one would dare to come near the shelter with ill intentions now that news had spread that a Battle Maid spent the holidays here. With that done, Sehseh would retire to her temporary room and get changed into her simple nightgown before laying down in the dark and quietly staring at the ceiling.


She felt content here, like this was a place that needed her presence and she would pretend that she could drift off and dream Christmas Dreams but all she actually did was lay there in the dark with her eyes closed, listening for sounds of intruders who may try to destroy her happiness. If Sehseh had one thing she wanted for Christmas, it was simply to be happy and undisturbed by anything save a call from one of her beloved Mitten’s or Spot’s



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