Day 20 Christmas Parade Date where Family should not be invited

Based off:

Dog Gone Days – future project



Aodh tries to take Simon out on a cute date but gets waylaid by Theo and Arje


Artwork Credit:

Commission Artwork by Ero-Pinku – found here


Authors comments

Because Aodh needs some return teasing




The whole point of a date was supposed to be two people getting to spend time together but Aodh had forgotten one important rule about attempting to date Simon. There were a whole host of insistently interfering friends who would pester the heck out of anyone who even so much as looked at their precious little jewel in an interested way and on top of that there were usually others of a supernatural persuasion who usually liked to cause problems as well. Plus, his big, black apparently, doe eyed dog who followed him around like a lost puppy and growled at anyone whom he did not like in the slightest but Aodh did not have to worry about him since he was that big black dog so that was one hassle that was easily avoided.


Simon’s friends weren’t too hard to get rid of either, he knew one of their elder brothers who could vouch for his upbringing and ways of behaving around anyone he was interested in – though for very dubious reasons that would only be looked into if ever really needed which would be thankfully never – so that made the Christmas Parade the perfect date setting. Because it meant that Aodh could have his private time with Simon but his friends could still be about but could be dispersed about.


The others were a little harder to get rid of, the demons who hunted Simon for his potential because there were many who would love to strip away the raw power that lay within the boy though they had learnt long ago that they had to get through Aodh first and the results were generally not pretty in the slightest. Then there were those who wanted to protect Simon, members of the royal court under Theo’s control whom assisted in watching the boy just in case Aodh happened to ever become compromised but Aodh put very little faith in any of them to actually do their job. The only one he would have even remotely trusted to do that sort of job would have been Theo himself but as a Prince of the Vampires he had more pressing matters to deal with. Not that Aodh minded too much, it freed up some of the stresses of the past and if he was actually honest with life, Theo was doing a bloody good job at dealing with the supernatural society.

The only other force that Aodh could not get rid of, no matter what he did, was a ginger tom cat that had tormented him for the past fifteen years and never gave up. It was just a small thing really, with white paws and green eyes but he always made sure to stay out of any grab range and just generally was an annoying pest who would not give up. Aodh had reported the creature to Theo and the others, stating that it was impossible for him to get a pin on exactly what it wanted but it couldn’t be good in his book.

So, he was currently glaring at said ginger tom cat as he led Simon down a tree lined street towards the parade and therefore missed what Simon said. Lightly the boy huffed and tapped Aodh playfully with his flashing wand which Aodh had bought without complaint when he had seen Simon’s deep brown eyes light up at the sight of it, “Hey, Earth to Aodh!”


“What? Oh sorry,” Aodh smiled back towards the boy, internally cooing because Simon looked freaking edible right at this moment in time. He was dressed in a pair of dark trousers, had a nice little shirt on with a red waistcoat but that was all covered up by a dark chocolate brown coat that had little white frills on the hemming, pockets and a little red robin stitched on. It was technically meant for a girl but with Simon’s hair brushed back into a pony-tail it did not matter in the slightest as he just looked adorable in it.

Simon giggled at the bigger male, lacing their fingers together tightly, “I was asking if you wanted to grab some hot chocolate before the Parade starts?”


“Oh, no thanks,” Aodh said, shaking his head but digging into his pocket anyway, “I’m not much of a sweet tooth. But here, if you want some you can go get it.” He handed some money to Simon, who smiled sweetly at him and stood on his tiptoes to place a kiss on his cheek. A thoughtful smile crossed Aodh’s lips as he recalled long ago when Simon would have never been so bold but he did not mind in the slightest. This boy was still sweet, loving and a little on the timid side, just this boy had been brought up in a loving environment with plenty of people to care for him so of course there were going to be differences but it did not stop him loving the other.


“My goodness, never thought the day would come when I would see you smile so willingly,” a new voice said, startling Aodh and he turned with a glare towards the sound before immediately softening up. Theo stood just a little way off, covered with a thick blue coat with a silly snowman hat, scarf and gloves set clearly displayed and a cheeky smile on his features. He looked well, considering the last time Aodh saw him the vampire was pale and clammy due to an unforeseen complication with his health and the blue eyes sparkled with mischief. “Though there again, I’m not surprised since you’re following Simon around like a good little lap dog.”


Aodh snorted towards the other, “and you just happened to be here, right?”


“Oh no, I came here to keep an eye on you,” Theo teased back, shaking his head and casting his eyes to the right, “I still have the full right you know.”


About to argue that he really didn’t, Aodh was cut off when a glass of mulled cider was passed to him by Simon, “Sorry I was late. The gentlemen nearly didn’t accept my ID for getting you this. Oh, who’s this?”


“Hello there, I’m Theo,” Theo cut in before Aodh got a chance to utter a syllable, “I’m a friend of Aodh’s.”


“Oh, it’s nice to meet you,” Simon smiled brightly, no hint of recognition in his eyes which made Aodh feel just a little on the smug side until he remembered that Simon did not really remember him either so that was put straight out his mind.


Theo nodded, “I’m guessing you’re Simon? This lug has been proudly going on about you for an age.”

“Really?” Simon blushed a little, looking all the more adorable and Aodh was going to punch Theo in a moment if he didn’t stop, “You go to university with Aodh then?”


“Yeah, on a different major though. We met through a socialiser and he’s been stuck with me ever since,” Theo clearly was not going to disappear anytime soon and Aodh knew that he had to do something otherwise he would have an obnoxious third wheel running around with him all night.


However, an arm casually slung itself around Theo’s shoulders, dressed in a leather jacket with the owner of said jacket being tall with long red hair, green eyes and a racy smile, “Yo, what I miss?”


Aodh stared at his younger brother in complete distain, not in the least bit happy to see him but figured that if Theo was around then Arje would be as well. Though something twigged in the back of his mind, a familiarity that went beyond that of just the normal brotherly hatred that existed between the pair and Aodh could not place it.


Simon blinked at the tall man and tilted his head to the side, “Have I seen you somewhere before?”


Arje nearly burst out laughing at the twin looks of horror that crossed Theo and Aodh’s faces at those words but he kept himself cool, “Hello Sproglet, I didn’t recognise you there either for a second.”


Simon let out a squeal and after remembering to give his drink to Aodh, threw a quick hug around the taller, “Oh my! It’s been years! How are you doing Anthony?”


“I’m doing fine,” Arje replied, desperately trying not to look at the other two because Theo would demand answers where Aodh was just going to punch him in the face, “I went on that world trip like I said I would and then came back and found this one waiting for me.”


Simon smiled, “Oh so he was your lost lover? Oh, that’s wonderful.”


“Whoa, okay,” Theo cut in, sensing that Aodh was going to explode, “Introductions here, Anthony?”

Arje grinned looking back at the other two, “I met Simon when he went to Summer Camp a few years ago, we kept in contact ever since.”


Theo blinked and then clicked to that whole thing, letting out a sigh of relief, “Oh thank god. I thought you had been his ex or something.”


“What? Hell no,” Arje shook his head, “I just helped him through Camp that was all.”


Aodh huffed, “I bet you did.”


“Oh, don’t get jealous Aodh,” Simon said cutely, latching onto Aodh’s arm to make him melt all too easily, “Anthony has his partner right there and he just helped me out at Spirit Camp. He’s a friend.”


Aodh still glared at Arje, but relented, “Nice to meet you. Though we best get moving Simon or else we’ll miss the parade.”


Simon nodded, “Okay! Nice to meet you Theo and Anthony we’re going to have to have a meet up soon!”

Arje nodded, “No problem, kiddo. I’ll see you around.”


Theo waited until the pair were clearly out of earshot and back to being all cute and mushy once again before rounding on his partner and smacking him, “Arje! What the hell did you think you were doing? Aodh could have killed you.”


“Nah, he wouldn’t have,” Arje grinned ruefully, “Plus I was actually stopping a creep he hadn’t noticed from coming across to you. Simon’s ex is over there, glaring daggers and I’ve been keeping an eye on the little twerp so he got the message and scrammed.”


Theo gave him a look but then confirmed the story for himself when he spotted said ex stalking after Simon with a hungry expression, “Well you better inform Aodh so that he’s on his alert.”


“Nah let him have a soppy night off,” Arje shook his head, “He needs to loosen up a bit and remember that Simon needs some softness in his life.”


Theo sighed, looping his arm through Arje’s, “You’re really cruising for a bruising tonight, Arje, you know that right?”


“Probably,” Arje grinned, “Must be in that sort of mood. Though if you think Aodh getting jealous over Anthony is enough to get me punched wait until Aodh realises who the ginger tom cat is who keeps harassing him. Then I’ll get kicked from here to kingdom come.”


Theo shook his head, joining the crowds who were gathering from the parade to pass by with all of its wonderful floats, “It’s a good thing I love you enough to intervene if he tries. Even though sometimes I just think you do it because you want him to hit you.”


“It’s what little brothers are for,” Arje smiled, wrapping his arms around Theo in a loving manner, “Just you wait until yours turn up again.”


Casting his blue eyes towards the couple that they were supposed to be watching, Theo hummed and couldn’t help but smile. Simon still had Aodh wrapped around his little finger as he playfully smeared some of the froth from the hot chocolate onto the end of his nose and it just somehow made at all the more magical and Christmassy in his heart.


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