Day 19 Christmas Dance

Based off:

Fireau – B.A.P fanfiction of mine, set in the earlier story



Yongguk takes Himchan to the Christmas Dance and they shine brightly together


Artwork Credit:

Christmas lights. File picture Image by: NIKOLA SOLIC / REUTERS – found


Authors comments

A cute little fic that I’ve been waiting to write for a while now





Dashing through the snow


In a one horse open sleigh




It was slightly surreal to Himchan to find himself in a rather grand sleigh that was painted in the house colours of brown and gold, with a majestic horse pulling them along and he had to desperately try to suppress a laugh at the thought as the old carol played around his head. It wasn’t every day that one would find themselves in such a situation, dressed in a fine powder blue hanbok with soft white snowflake decoration and fur inner lining to keep him nice and warm with a handsome General astride, controlling the horse as they went whizzing through endless beautiful white fields and streets.


The snows had been particularly heavy this year, causing havoc for the farmers and those who lived out in the quieter villages but the city folk were more than able to assist and there was a feeling of peace and harmony everywhere they went. Himchan had proven to be in rather high demand for suitor’s attention, many finding his shy, sweet nature and natural pale colouring a fine advantage in the chilly months. They called him the Winter Rose affectionately and many times Himchan found himself being centre of attention as husbands shopped for wives or else just briefly stole him away.


Of course, these little outings were only for a couple of hours, Himchan had the personal attention of the General and the crown Prince of Mato so when their respective duties left them with time to spare, each one would make sure to spend time with Himchan. It was beginning to get a little confusing as well as embarrassing because whilst he was completely sure that Yongguk adored him to the ends of the world and would do anything for him, he wasn’t entirely sure of Zico’s intentions. Of course, it was extremely flattering to have a Prince give you attention but there was something in Himchan’s heart that warned him to be wary. However, the times he had been out with Zico the prince had been nothing but polite and charming towards him and mainly seemed to be interested in making sure that he was well provided for.

Himchan was very glad to call him a friend but the occasional stolen hand touches and a kiss lingered in his mind as something to be concerned about.


However today, all thoughts of Zico were completely away from his mind as Yongguk had his full attention. The General had taken the day off from his official duties, left his Captains and Commanders in charge with a series of admin tasks that would not be overly difficult to deal with and he seemed to be fully intent on spoiling Himchan in every last way that he could. Himchan did not have the heart to tell the General that as far as he was concerned, even just getting to talk to the handsome man for a few minutes a day were enough to make his heart flutter and stomach be filled with millions of butterflies.


He smiled warmly with an extra helping of affection towards Yongguk when the man turned slightly in his seat to glance back at his passenger to make sure that he was perfectly fine and not too cold, “This is wonderful Yongguk.”


A bright gummy smile was his response, “We’ve barely started as of yet.”


Himchan blinked in surprise, “What?”


Yongguk laughed brightly, turning his attention back to the snowy road in front of them, “I’ve got you for the whole day, my love, believe me this is not everything that I plan to do with you.”

Blushing a little, for no good reason, Himchan settled himself down and carefully pressed his fingers around the small box that he had been able to get for Yongguk. It probably was not to be considered much by anyone’s standards but despite being a bride, Himchan still had a bit of a limited income. He could only hope that Yongguk would like it because it had taken him hours upon hours to choose it. Settling back into the plush cushions, Himchan went back to admiring the view and after a while realised that they were skirting back around the city towards a park where he had heard rumours of there being a lake where a certain special event always took place.


Lightly Himchan flushed but he was smiling, “Are you taking me ice skating Yongguk?”

The General smiled, “I may be.”


“Really? Honestly, you’re taking me ice skating?” Himchan said, leaning forward so that he could practically smell Yongguk’s fine natural musk.


Another good-natured laugh escaped Yongguk as he slowed the powerful horse, “I take it you enjoy ice skating, Himchan?”


“I have no idea,” the Bride said, throwing his arms around Yongguk in a sort of strange back hug, “I’ve never been ice skating…I’ve always wanted to try it though.”


A nod was his response and because Himchan happened to be looking at the frozen lake rather than at the General, he completely missed the blush that was covering the handsome features. A few seconds later though it was gone and Yongguk was able to bring themselves to a perfect stop and got down to help Himchan down onto the snow-covered ground. He was still smiling gummily towards Himchan as he brushed a strange strand of black hair out of the others mysterious eyes, “Well I hope it is everything that you ever wanted it to be then.”


An hour later, Himchan was more than relieved to be led to a bench as he was panting with exhaustion and laughter because it turned out that neither himself nor Yongguk could ice skate to save their lives. They tried to hold one another up but spent most of their time sprawled against the cool ice and had been the cause of several raised eyebrows but seeing that there were many others who could barely keep their feet in the same vein they were generally left alone.


“Are you sure you’re all right?” Yongguk asked for the fifth time in a row as the last fall as seen Himchan hit his head a little too hard off the ice and caused him to get dizzy for a few seconds.

Himchan nodded, “I’m fine. It was just the shock I think.”


“Well if you’re sure,” Yongguk said, the tone of his voice betraying just how worried his was.

Himchan rolled his eyes and carefully bopped his nose with his finger to tell him off but was instead let out a gleeful little squeal when Yongguk uncontrollably wriggled his nose very much like how a cute bunny rabbit would do. It took the General catching hold of both of his hands and placing a kiss on the tip of Himchan’s nose to get the Bride to stop and for a little while the pair just stared at each other wordlessly, feeling as though there were only them in the world.


Until someone accidentally sent a shower of snowflakes over them as they skated past and broke the spell. Both blushed a little and Himchan hid his face in the warm contours of Yongguk’s chest whilst the other just hugged him tightly. “I think that’s our cue to head home and prepare for tonight.”


“Tonight?” Himchan asked, only to have a finger gently placed on his lips and a knowing smile, accompanied by a wink to be sent his way. No amount of playful pestering would get Yongguk to divulge his secret, even throughout the whole of the sleigh ride back to the General’s Mansion where there appeared to be a flurry of activity going on. Before Himchan even got the chance to enquire as to what was happening, Jongup had appeared in his fussy manner and was leading the Bride away to a slightly different wing of the house so that he could get ready.


Himchan frowned for a few seconds and then brightened, “Yongguk’s family have a Christmas Ball each year, don’t they?”


Looking a bit despondent, Jongup had to nod in response, “Yes. Now come on, if I don’t have you ready on time I won’t be allowed any cake and believe me you have tasted nothing more wonderful than Seunghyun cooking.”


Agreeing on that fact, Himchan posed little to no bother as Jongup helped him to change out of his hanbok, bathe in a nice hot tub and then redress himself in a dark red hanbok with green patterning and gold detailing. As Jongup was off fetching some special hair pieces he had left in the carriage, Himchan called one of the maids and asked her politely to ensure that Jongup received his Christmas present and that he have help to dress in it. The maid agreed, having already been aware of this fact but more than pleased to be actually asked as if she were an equal.


Himchan returned to his seated position just as Jongup returned and had to hide his smile as he waited for everything to be set in motion. One of the hired butlers came to fetch Himchan and then the maid was quick to bustle Jongup out of the way to get ready himself, the poor boy looking completely bewildered as to what was going on.


The conservatory and garden had been transformed into a grand Christmas Ballroom with beautifully decorated trees, natural garlands glistening with berries and all manner of small little touches that just made everything shimmer and shine. For a moment Himchan felt out of place and unsure but then Yongguk stepped up to greet him, taking his hand and pressing a kiss to the back of it and everything just fell into place. Together they made their way through the vast amount of people, making polite conversation and sharing introductions with hundreds of people who at one time would have never even bothered to pass a glance over at Himchan.


Though anyone with eyes could easily see that both Himchan and Yongguk only had eyes for one another and were constantly distracted by the other. Himchan could not take his eyes off Yongguk who was dressed in a very fine, crisp formal hanbok that made the already handsome man look like he had wandered out of some wondrous ancient tapestry. The kind that were hung in prominent buildings and Himchan used to spend hours staring at for the simple wish of wondering what it would be like to be saved by such a man and how they had managed to keep their love pure for their chosen one.


Yongguk was distracted by Himchan purely because he was Himchan and everything about the beautiful, quiet and oh so delicate carrier captivated him no end.


The only thing which distracted them both from each other for a small amount of time was when Jongup turned up at long last, dressed in the finest Hanbok he had ever worn and looked completely mesmerizing in it. It was a dark purple with simple white overcoat but his unusual blond hair had been styled up with black hair clips and bunches so that it stood out more. It was no surprise that half of the single men in the room suddenly took notice of this elusive figure but Daehyun was straight across to the other, his eyes burning with a fierce protectiveness that could only be born out of nothing but true love.


Youngjae pouted slightly from the side-lines but cheered up instantly when one of his old flames came to speak to him and try to lead him in a game of chase with the single ladies that were present.


Himchan and Yongguk danced together after that, swirling around in each other’s arms with no sense of timing for the beat of the music or even what dance they should be officially doing but no one commented. Well except for Seunghyun who cooed at the pair before his husband gently tugged him away to greet some distant family members whom Yongguk did not wish to speak to at that moment.


It was a while later that Himchan realised they were in a small secluded part of the garden, next to a fountain which was lit with candles and a softness covered everything that was endearing and made the younger sigh in satisfaction. Yongguk swallowed a lump of nerves that had built in his chest and gently called out to the other as he sat down next to him.


Turning with his large brown eyes, Himchan smiled and spoke first, “Yongguk, I have a present for you though it’s nothing big and I think now is a good time as any to give it to you.”


Yongguk smiled and nodded, wondering just how to even speak when he had wanted to give Himchan a special present but he could wait a few more moments. “You didn’t need to, you know,” he said by way of answering, watching as Himchan carefully searched within the folds of his clothes to produce the small box.


It was pretty plain but had been tied with a red ribbon which Yongguk thought was cute and carefully he removed it before opening the box. Inside was a ring that was simply set with a fleur-de-lys in a simple blue and gold style. Himchan flushed, “I know it’s not anything like what you’re used to but it’s supposed to bring you good fortune, protection and….”


Yongguk laughed, unable to help himself as he shook his head, “A meaning of being together?”


For a few seconds Himchan looked shocked, “Did I offend you?”


“No, oh no no no,” Yongguk smiled, shifting a little and shaking his head, “It’s just so strange that you give me this when…my gift to you means virtually the same thing.”


“What?” Himchan asked, completely bewildered as to why Yongguk was suddenly moving from his side to kneel down in front of him in a very formal manner, “Yongguk?”


“Kim Himchan…for you gift I wish to ask you a simple question,” Yongguk said, feeling his throat go dry but determined to continue on with everything despite the fact that he was knowingly breaking tradition and would be very likely to upset someone along the way.


Carefully he pulled out his own velvet covered box and brought it in front of him before extending it still closed towards Himchan who he thought looked even more cute and cuddly now that he was completely bewildered by everything that was going on around him.

“Will you be my life partner and marry me?”


The question was answered with silence for what felt like a complete eternity before Himchan was suddenly on his knees as well, tears streaming down from his eyes as he threw his arms tightly around Yongguk’s neck and hugged him tightly. The hug was returned instantly and Yongguk smiled, knowing the answer before Himchan pulled back to say, “Yes…I will. I… I don’t deserve you, your kindness or your love in the slightest but…”


Whatever words were going to be said were instantly forgotten when the pairs lips connected together in a sweet but passionate kiss that turned into many as they remained together. For a while they just lay in their kneeling positions in the snow, until Yongguk remembered his present and picked the box up off the floor, revealing the ring that he had gotten for Himchan. It was a band of white gold with three precious stones set in, one pink, one dark blue and one clear to represent themselves and hopefully their futures.


Himchan personally placed the ring he had gotten on Yongguk’s finger and smiled in joy as it fitted perfectly and looked just as stunning as he had imagined it to look. He blinked and looked up at the man who he was going to marry, his fiancé and felt a new wave of tears spring to his eyes as the white gold band was fitted onto his own fingers. Yongguk had cheated because Jongup had the same sized hands so he knew that he did not have to worry about it not fitting. He looked up and panicked, brushing away the tears with his thumb, “What’s wrong Himchan?”


“Nothing,” Himchan smiled, holding onto the hands that held his face, “I just never dreamed…not once…that I would be here.”


Yongguk smiled, wanting to tell his precious fiancé that he was never going to have to worry about anything ever again but knew that such a remark would not be good. Instead he just leant forward to capture more of Himchan’s sweet kisses which he was absolutely positive he was never ever going to grow tired of. He had his greatest Christmas gift on his finger and the man he loved was firmly in his arms and as far as the General of Mato was concerned, there was nothing else that he needed in his life currently to make him any happier.


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