Day 18 First Christmas Summons

Based off:

Summoners – I’ve got a fair few this Christmas



Ayana gets her first summon and it’s not at all what anyone would expect


Artwork Credit:

“ナナキで暖をとる” by にね魚 (Final Fantasy VII Aeris Nanaki / Red XIII) – found here


Authors comments

Fun to be had with baby summons




It was still dark when Ayana opened her eyes, her senses immediately on high alert because she just knew that there had to be something exceedingly strange to make her way up before sunrise on any given day. Her internal body clock was focused straight on to waking up as soon as the sun rose into the sky and this was regardless of anything that had happened the night before. So, to wake up well before that made the young girl immediately be on edge. Of course, there was nothing too noticeable around the room, just her brother’s snores and the fact that there were several toys strewn about on the floor but that was nothing out of the ordinary.


There was still a feeling in the back of her mind though, a persistent little nudge that made it impossible for the young girl to go back to sleep. She would never be able to explain it to anyone, Ayana just instinctively knew that she had to get out of bed and head towards the centre of town. For a moment or two she pursued her lips, wondering if she would be allowed to go that far on her own but figured that if she wasted time and asked then she would just end up wasting precious time.


So as quietly as she could, the adventurous young girl pulled herself out of bed and dressed in a warm coat, boots and a scarf before tying her long black hair up with a ribbon just like how her mother had taught her and then set off down the stairs as quietly as she could manage. The back-door latch was a little high for her to reach normally but with a careful shift of a chair, which only scraped enough to cause her Granddaddy to mumble something roughly in his sleep before rolling back over on the couch so that he was more splayed out, the door was opened and closed without too much of a problem.


The front door made too much noise when it closed and Ayana did not want to be caught sneaking out of the house at this terribly early hour. Comet raised his head when he saw her, a curious expression covering his features but she just smiled sweetly at him and waved before heading off out of the back gate and into the town. The large wolf seemed to think about following for a few seconds but then settled back into his sleep. No doubt the local dogs would let him know if anything bad were to happen but there again it would be a fool who would dare to try to do anything to Ayana.


Allowing herself to follow her instincts on where she needed to go, the little girl was surprised to find herself standing outside of the Summoning Cathedral. Of course, it was a place that had had many different names over the years but it was a place of sanctuary and peace where everyone would return to when they needed it. Ayana always thought of it as a rather pretty little building, it was circular and white, covered in ancient clinging vines that blossomed with a variety of colourful flowers throughout the year. At one time, it had been rather neglected and left by the townsfolk because they had been unable to gain access but now it was a place that was well tended to and loved by all. Her mother had promised that when she was old enough, she would reveal a secret to Ayana about the place and the girl was naturally curious but knew to wait.


However, in the pre-dawn light, Ayana got the feeling that she would be gaining an insight into that secret without even trying. Taking a deep breath, the little girl stepped into the Cathedral and felt a shudder go through her. Tiny lines of sparkling white glimmered along the stalls and down towards the central circle dais where she was inexplicitly drawn. With each step, down she took, the more the pretty sparkling white lines joined the central area. Strangely Ayana felt not even the slightest bit of fear, even when the torches around the place burst forth into a welcoming flame she did not flinch in the slightest.


Reaching the central section, the girl watched in fascination as the sparkling lines all converged together to form a glowing sphere of light that was as soft and inviting as the sparkling stars above but with a hidden dark centre that spoke of power that was not to be misused. Ayana blinked as she stepped forward, looking at the sphere with curiosity before glancing around the room. There were no adults present in the slightest and no one to stop her so she did not see there being any harm in reaching out for the sphere. After all, it had called her out here and therefore it must be completely safe.


Taking a deep breath, she reached out and grasped the sphere, expecting to feel some kind of pain but instead all she got was a strange tickling sensation that was replaced in a few seconds by a pair of warm hands. A male figure stood before her, tall like her father but with a more lithe build that was designed for sneaking and slinking. He had striking blond, red and black streaked hair that was styled back into a lose pony tail and eyes that were as black as the very depths of hell. His skin held touches of a red hew but it was faded out by a soft glow which seemed to define the figure and make him appear to be completely breath taking.


A mark was burnt onto his chest, appearing to be a circle with four inter-crossing black strands and tiny marks were hidden within but Ayana could not read them in the slightest. “Hello,” she said uncertainly, looking at the figure in complete and total awe.


The man blinked above her, seeming to be a little shocked and then grinned ruefully before suddenly there was no stunning looking man standing looking down at her. Instead there was a rather oddly coloured red, blond and black puppy with a flaming tail, large adorable doe eyes and a happy tongue. The main body of the dog like creature was a deep shade of red with a black fur collar and white blond feet. The creature let out a sound that was sort of like a yipping bark but not entirely and then leapt at the girl playfully to smother her in wet kisses with a large tongue.


Ayana blinked in surprise and then laughed, pulling the large puppy close though being exceptionally careful about the glowing tail which she thought made the creature look really different. “Alright, stop it! You don’t need to lick me! Let me up!” Ayana giggled and was surprised when the creature promptly stepped back to allow her up and then sat obediently waiting for her to say something else. The girl wasn’t even put off by the fact that sitting down the creature was only a foot short of her eight-year-old height, as she reached out to pet the creature.


“You’re the coolest puppy ever! Where did you come from though?” Ayana said, glancing around the summoning room once again before suddenly blinking, “Wait I summoned you?”


The puppy nodded and proceeded to lick at her face again before suddenly jumping in front of her with a warning growl as the door to the building opened. “Ayana?” her father called, scanning the building with a frown before starting down the steps towards his daughter, “Don’t move sweetie, I’ll deal with this demon.”


Ayana could see that both her father and her new puppy were bristling at the sight of each other and it clicked in her head that they both wanted to protect her. She had to act quickly to stop anything from going wrong. “Burney, down,” she commanded towards the dog, picking a name at random that seemed to fit perfectly, “It’s okay. He’s my Daddy.”


Kyung found his steps faltering as the demon pup immediately backed down from his aggressive stance and sat meekly besides his daughter with a look of adoration on its strange features. It did not take more than a few seconds for the father to recognise the situation and he let out a slight sound, “Ayana, did you call forth this creature?”


“I think so,” Ayana smiled, lovingly petting her now named Burney, “I woke up this morning with a feeling that I had to come here and then when I got here there were all these glowing pretty lights and then they formed a ball which I touched and then…I got Burney.”


Kyung blinked and looked to his daughter, easily able to figure out that there was something that she wasn’t quite telling him but opting to let it drop as Burney was giving him a quite frankly murderous look. Strangely it reminded him of how Aodh would look whenever he felt threatened by Arje’s kind nature towards Simon before they had learnt of their shared linage and sharing of the summoner. “Right, I think we best go home sweetie and you can talk to your mother,” Kyung replied, offering the girl his hand, “Burney can come too though he better not burn the house down.”


“He won’t!” Ayana chirped happily, letting herself be picked up by Kyung, “Though everyone is going to think I’ve got the coolest Christmas present ever!”


Nodding at the statement, Kyung glanced down at Burney and made a mental note to sit down and have a word with the other at the first available opportunity. Sure, he had turned himself into a rather strange looking puppy that would be cute to Ayana’s eyes but demons knew one another and no demonic creature could be summoned the way that Ayana had done so. Though he wasn’t going to try and separate the two that pain was something he never wanted his little girl to go through but it did make him curious as Ayana was part demon like himself.


If Ayana was indeed a Summoner like they suspected, she would be the first of her kind and that in itself could lead to many different adventures.


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