Day 24 I will Always protect You

Based off: Volf Gold – upcoming release for 2017 (no I don’t yet know the date)   Summary Tyra confirms what Dymas already knows   Artwork Credit: Christmas Couple – found here   Authors comments A little tease for the upcoming work   Minor warning: Mentions of sex and suggestive language but nothing outright… Continue reading Day 24 I will Always protect You

Day 23 Christmas Snuggles

Based off: Volf Silver – my second published book ^^   Summary Ekata and Fiero are being cute and cuddly on Christmas   Artwork Credit: Christmas Couple by MorganeL –   Authors comments Sometime a little cute, may need a sick bucket cause this is soppy but sweet   Story   Slowly opening her… Continue reading Day 23 Christmas Snuggles

Day 22 Finding the Christmas Secret

Based off: Harry Potter Original Character Fanfiction   Summary Esme is determined to find out what Desta is hiding   Artwork Credit: Christmas Events at Hogwarts –   Authors comments A cute little story to get me started on this work for next year   Story   Trying her best to keep as close… Continue reading Day 22 Finding the Christmas Secret

Day 20 Christmas Parade Date where Family should not be invited

Based off: Dog Gone Days – future project   Summary Aodh tries to take Simon out on a cute date but gets waylaid by Theo and Arje   Artwork Credit: Commission Artwork by Ero-Pinku – found here   Authors comments Because Aodh needs some return teasing   Story   The whole point of a… Continue reading Day 20 Christmas Parade Date where Family should not be invited

Day 19 Christmas Dance

Based off: Fireau – B.A.P fanfiction of mine, set in the earlier story   Summary Yongguk takes Himchan to the Christmas Dance and they shine brightly together   Artwork Credit: Christmas lights. File picture Image by: NIKOLA SOLIC / REUTERS – found   Authors comments A cute little fic that I’ve been waiting to write for… Continue reading Day 19 Christmas Dance

Day 18 First Christmas Summons

Based off: Summoners – I’ve got a fair few this Christmas   Summary Ayana gets her first summon and it’s not at all what anyone would expect   Artwork Credit: “ナナキで暖をとる” by にね魚 (Final Fantasy VII Aeris Nanaki / Red XIII) – found here   Authors comments Fun to be had with baby summons… Continue reading Day 18 First Christmas Summons